Suggested Resources

To help navigate the myriad of resources on human trafficking, we have highlighted some of the most seminal works and innovative thinkers below. By no means is this list exhaustive, but thankfully, many of our colleagues feature additional resources.


2009 University of Nebraska Human Trafficking Conference Papers

Stop Violence Against Women - Resources on Human Trafficking

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Local / Colorado Coverage

Agriculture / Hospitality / Service Industries

"Boulder owner of Siamese Plate indicted on immigration violations" by Vanessa Miller, Daily Camera
“Fields of Fear for Colorado illegal farm laborers,” by Felisa Cardona and Kevin Vaughan, The Denver Post
“Migrants exploiters to be sentenced today,” by Bruce Finley, The Denver Post
“Peruvian sheepherders' lawsuit alleges abuses by Craig ranch,” by Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

“Denver man faces charges of trafficking children for sex,” by Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post
“Sweep looking for exploited children results in 26 arrests in Denver metro area,” by Howard Pankratz, The Denver Post
“Thai child-sex trade big lure for pedophiles,” by Dave Curtin, The Denver Post


"Craigslist Removes Adult Services from Website," Denver's Channel 7, ABC News
“Craigslist removes adult-services section,” by Christopher Leonard, The Denver Post

Domestic Servitude

“Feds drop charges against Al-Turki,” by Sara Burnett, Rocky Mountain News
“Probation for mother in nanny sex slavery case,” by Felix Doligosa Jr, Rocky Mountain News
“Saudi woman gets jail time, probation,” by John Aguilar, Rocky Mountain News
“Slavery conviction upheld,” Denver Post
“Wife makes plea deal in slavery case,” by Sue Lindsey, Rocky Mountain News
“Women held as slave, feds say- Aurora couple facing charges,” by Alicia Caldwell, Denver Post

Sex Work

“Debbie Matthews has bottomless respect for her strip club staff,” by Bill Husted, The Denver Post
“Faces of Prostitution: "Book" rewrites attitudes,” by Amy Herdy, The Denver Post
"Police: mom pimped girls for drugs" by Jeffrey Wolf and Deborah Sherman,, Denver
"Spain Breaks Up Male-Prostitute Trafficking Gang" by Daniel Woolls,
"Denver Siblings Face Prostitution Charges" by The Denver Post

National / International News


"A Message to Trafficking Victims that their lives matter," by Rachel Lloyd, The Huffington Post
“Combating human trafficking with social business,” by Chelsea Lyn-Rudder, The Huffington Post

Agriculture / Hospitality / Service Industries

“Nail salons and human trafficking,” by Phillip Martin, The Huffington Post
"Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes" by Barry Estabrook, Gourmet

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

“Child sex trafficking and the politics of pimping,” by Phillip Martin, The Huffington Post
“Sex Trafficking in the United States: Children Across America are unseen victims,” by Mickey Goodman, The Huffington Post
“Trafficked: A youth radio investigation, part 1,” by Youth Radio—Youth Media International, The Huffington Post


“An Open Letter to Jim Buckmaster,” by Rachel Lloyd, The Huffington Post
“An Open Invitation to Rachel Lloyd,” by Jim Buckmaster, The Huffington Post
“Craigslist: ISO human rights,” by Sarah Sippel, Politico
“Craigslist Saga: The great migration of sex trafficking ads,” by Marissa Louie, The Huffington Post
“Craiglist says it shut down U.S. adult services ads for good,” by Cecilia Kang, The Washington Post
“How censoring Craigslist helps pimps, child traffickers and other abusive scumbags,” by Danah Boyd, The Huffington Post

Labor Trafficking

“Chipotle’s ‘Integrity’ doesn’t reach it’s farm workers,” by Sean Sellers,The Huffington Post
“Is there child slavery in your chocolate?,” by John Robbins, The Huffington Post
“Smart phone app-tivism: how can you avoid slave-made products this holiday season,” by Bama Athreya, The Huffington Post

Law Enforcement / Legislation

“Federal crackdown on child prostitution results in 884 arrests,” by Michael Martinez, written for CNN
“US Justice Department names Las Vegas among 17 most likely destinations,” written by
“Feds charge 6 in forced labor of 400 Thai workers, largest human trafficking case in U.S. history,” by Mark Niesse, The Huffington Post
"Senate Committee Passes Cardin, Boxer, Brownback Bill Addressing Child Trafficking," Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Sex Work

“Dallas police aim to help, not jail, prostitutes,” by The Associated Press, Connect Mid Michigan
“Deception in Advertising: Local sex ads and human trafficking victims,” by Chelsea Lyn-Rudder, The Huffington Post
"It's Not Pretty: The Cost of Glamorizing Prostitution" by Bernie
"Sex Workers (Try to) enter the Human Rights Arena," by Michelle Chen, The Huffington Post

Sports & Major Events

“Justice Fail: Lawrence Taylor walks free,” by Deborah Richardson, The Huffington Post
“Police cracking down on pimps, prostitution at Super Bowl XLV,” by Angela Brown, The Huffington Post
“Sex (trafficking) and the Super Bowl,” by Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, The Huffington Post
“Sex Trafficking: There’s more to the Super Bowl than sports,” by John W. Whitehead, The Huffington Post


"Let's Have a Jubilee: The Torah's Fix for Modern-Day Slavery," by Sara Rubin,
“Mexico’s new war: sex trafficking,” by Melissa Graham, The Council for Hemispheric Affairs
“Modern-day Slavery: alive and well,” by Marc Gunther, The Huffington Post


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